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Upon receiving a trade ban the offending account gets placed into probation as well.

Probationary status allows other users to determine if a user has committed scams in the past so they can make better decisions about whether or not they want to trade with previous scammers.

Please view the Revoked Gifts article for more information.

To learn more about scams and trading, please see the Scam FAQ and the Recommended Trading Practices article.To create a trade, please do the following: Alternatively, if you are chatting with your friend, you can start a trade from the chat window by clicking on the large arrow and selecting Invite to Trade: Steam items, in-game items and extra copies of games (referred to as Steam Gifts) are tradable.To be sure if an item is tradable, please go to your Inventory and select the item and read the item details.The “Tags” section will indicate if it is tradable or not.You can initiate a trade with anyone in a Group Chat or on your Friends List.