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He adds: "I have though, in my career, only received two or three love letters from fans.And only one marriage proposal."He also says he doesn't have a cleaning lady and does his own domestic chores.In a high risk job like his, Hamilton says he doesn't think about death."I have no fear of death," he said. It's fortunate that the safety measures in Formula One cars are much better than before. But he added that there "is no place for love anymore" in his life.

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He went on: "Jodia loves me still and I have strong feelings for her – perhaps one day we will get back together. The animals that represent him are the panther and the tiger. Dionysus was stitched into Zeus’s thigh after his mother, Semele, asked to see Zeus's true form and was killed. Whether it be a quiet drink on a Friday night to a career in wine manufacturing, wine affects the lives of many daily. Dionysus’s symbols are Thyrsos, which are ivory leaves wrapped around a wooden stick, the flute, and wine barrels. [tags: inmortal, god, explore, grow, wine] - Wine it is a fundamental component of many Australian’s day to day life, being closely related with both business and pleasure.Lewis Hamilton is quitting Britain to go into tax exile, it has emerged.The Formula One driver claims living in the public eye has forced him to move to Switzerland where he can safeguard his privacy.