Carbon dating oops

There is not much oral history on the pā from that time period, and as the area was in a state of warfare, they suggest that it may have been settled by another hapū.

Lauren Lewis as a rogue doctor ready to put down difficult Fae…for science. The Hunter wakes up in Lauren’s lab (where she already carbon dated his weaponry, duh) and talks about how the Little Shit, and his kind, slaughtered his whole family.

In the case of the 6000-square-metre Otāhau Pā, built on a strip of land between the Komakorau and Mangamotu streams near the Waikato River, the boggy soil and stream has preserved the palisade posts, 100 of which are still visible above water.

Some of the posts were the trunks of mīro, a winner in terms ofcarbon dating because of its sharp, clear growth rings that can be cut out and measured for radiocarbon.

There is no evidence of an associated pyramid, as is normally reported, but the idea that they are fossilised tree roots remains unsatisfactory making the Baigong pipes one of todays more interesting modern O. On the one hand, we are presented with a hammer, clearly of human design; While on the other hand, it is embedded in a rock found in a region formed of predominantly cretaceous rock. It was soon pointed out by the geologist NCSE researcher John Cole that minerals dissolved from ancient strata can harden around a recent object The stone is real, and it looks impressive to someone unfamiliar with geological processes.

But the surface of the coal was unbroken: it showed no signs of drilling or any present or former opening by which the drill might have passed into it's interior.

If such a thing were not quite impossible, according to every date in the geology text books, observers would have to believe that the coal would somehow have formed around the mysterious piece of metal.

A pā in the Waikato has been dated back to 1768 AD—younger than previously thought—using a precise form of radiocarbon dating never before applied to pā.

About 7000 pā have been identified across New Zealand.