Charts not updating in excel 2016

The 'dashboard' tab then has all the charts on it, with cells hidden on this sheet that takes the summary sheets totals and updates them, whenever a colleague updates the 'data source' tabs at any given point.if a stacked bar chart is working ok and values are 3 and 9 then clearly the "3 part" is 1/3 of the "9 part" if you change them to 1 and 7 the "1 part" CANNOT be seven times as big as the "7" part that is why I asked about whether you are adding new data to historical data change some data as a test and see what the chart does....

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Excel 2016 now comes with built-in functionality that brings ease and speed to getting and transforming your data—allowing you to find and bring all the data you need into one place.

And once you have the information prepared, you can share your queries easily with others.

These new capabilities, previously only available as a separate add-in called Power Query, can be found natively within Excel 2016.

Earlier this week we explained how Excel—the world’s most widely used and familiar data analysis tool—works with the new Power BI and Power BI Desktop to provide business analysts with a powerful portfolio of analytic tools unique in the industry.

Today we unbox Excel 2016’s new and improved business analytics features, so you can take full advantage of each capability as it applies to your unique business needs.