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Keep an eye on member engagement and involvement, and don’t doggedly pursue things that no-one seems to care much about — however awesome you think they are!That might mean switching from live webinars to recorded ones (or vice versa).Try it: If you have a membership site, I’d love your top tips for building and growing it in the comments below. And, if you’re thinking of starting one, what’s holding you back? It could mean getting rid of little-used forums, or making a course simpler for members to engage with. Most will be constructive and supportive, and will have some great insights for you.You might want to run a regular members’ survey, or simply use your forums / Facebook group / etc to ask for opinions.You can automatically or manually upload game save files to online game save storage, with up to 1GB of cloud storage allocated to your PS4 save files.Other benefits include early access to exclusive game content, and automatic game patch downloads and installation.

Like on PS3, Instant Game Collection on PS4 gives those who subscribe to Plus free content.Try it: There’s a wonderful buzz and energy in working as a group, but this can be tough to foster when members live in different countries and time zones.You could aim to: One of the very best things I did with my membership site was something I was anxious about: I let a handful of people in for free.Meanwhile, Sony outlined what features you can access without a Play Station Plus membership.You can access entertainment, film and TV services without Plus, but you'll need to subscribe separately to individual services.