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I always put mine away though - It's a borderline anal retentive thing - everything has it's place ;-) Posted by: blonde contradiction at November 17, 2006 PM The point is not to offer advice to such friends. If you can go "UM, UM, THAT'S so AWFUL" and nod on automaton while not listening to a thing - well that's great.

They get tedious, so best to pretend your listening, but try to switch off, and do the "um, um, nod, that's so bad." bit as they go on about how they are being jerked around by the whole world.

Given what we have seen over the last week am sure sure that neither will be much of a problem but please advise what you are wearing before you order a drink. As this is a charity event, please dig deep for a worthy cause. In the meantime, Ill hand over to: Flor for her kinky cocktails; Miss MA for her raffle tickets and lucky door prizes; Amazon for the personally taste tested bar staff. ********************************************************************************** Posted by: Nick R at November 17, 2006 PM ahh yes please. Don't worry boys, we haven't gone cheap on staff tonight and each male guest has their own personal attendant. but remember it is a very strict playboy rule that no one is allowed to touch the bunnies tails, penalty is expulsion from the premises. Posted by: Paddo Tash at November 17, 2006 PM Hmm.. *Coffee Snob wanders in, it appears he may in fact have been running*Nick R I can't believe the doors close for the final time this evening. ) **pulls his head up from counting the takings** Nick R jumps for joy, "CS, CS, I can't believe it we've made ,000.

Given the extreme generosity of: SLGs Matchmaking Services; Original Tonys Tipping Services; Mattrims Geographical Tours Going South; and Our Union Rep, Nina its free grog all arvo. I figure that's enough to keep the gents happy for a while so serving drinks to all of the lovely ladies in attendance this evening are the better looking members of the Rabbitohs (Damn! The single ladies and gentlemen of SATC are going to be overjoyed." "Think of the amount of temporary love this is going to provide to our blog friends" Thanks for this hearty amountm go to * Flor: great drinks and a fun weekend ahead to celebrate; * Amazon: look forward to catching up this evening and finding out what you had to do to Hef to get those priceless "artifacts" out of his bedroom; * Miss MA: its good to see an ex- Catholic School girl put her imagination to good use; and * J9: for her use on various bloggers during the course of the Blogbar.

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a scantily dressed Fabio will be drawing the numbers manually (ahem). Failing that, don't be afraid to stand up and put your knickers on if someone pressures you for any act you aren't comfortable with. As someone else said, I think the first time for things like that is a bit much. I don't mean to offend anyone with that, just trying to work out why somebody would be so persistent. I actually encountered this once myself and I just laughed it off - not into watersports, thanks! Posted by: J9 at November 17, 2006 AM Bugger, I was enjoying the new and inproved J9. Or just "a sexually confident woman" (your own words) in waiting? Maybe we can grab a bite to eat near your place, then head in? I hear a rumour the famously reincarnated Sholim/Cairfool/Cairfree will be attending as well? Can someone help with a landmark or are you happy to find your way there and meet me at the front of the bar? Jimmy, is there a Minister for Accessories position in this government for which I can apply??? Cucumber in foil, lebanese or apple, which would you suggest for Paddo Tash's new friend? THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Last night I came up with a deep and meaningful theory. Hope you have all been good and played nicely while I was away. I've never, ever had to chase up money before because I usually get paid in a timely fashion. Posted by: redhotpomwill at November 17, 2006 PM ah but I would know you know, and you would know that I know you know, and I would know that you know that I know that you know, and you know how complicated things get after that! Maybe a virtual one will put me in a better mood to make me fit enough company to turn up to the blogmeet tonight. and look, Nigella has captured Mattrim's attention, he is with us at the Bingo tables now, she has him in clutches, he is but putty in her hands. A couple of days ago I bought something at Wynyard Station and they wanted me to pay cash! I was frozen to the spot for a good minute, speechless and trying to dust off the part of my brain that deals with money - slowly a vision of my wallet came to mind... Not only that, but I got back from work on Tuesday (1st day back) and my bed hadn't been made!

I would like to know how soon is too soon for a*** sex... Ticks in all the boxes - sexy, interesting, good manners, blah blah, but the first time we had sex he wanted to go in the back door. I may have been more into it as the relationship developed but right from the get go? Morning all, A pre-announcement for this afternoon's activities at the Barry White Charity Ball Blogbar. you build up a report then you meet them in the flesh. I mean, you can't be seen in public when your hair is so...wrong! Posted by: Anastacia Beaverhausen at November 17, 2006 AM Personally, I am uncomfortable w/internet dating; I haven't done it, and I don't plan to do start. Just make sure that you meet in a public space, and review the Sam blog on ending a bad date! :-P Just don't tell anyone that I am a loon, it's a secret and a surprise for people to find out on their own! Yes It is Interesting AM So you're still redhotpmwilly's number 1 fan huh - are you going to give him any clues as to your identity? I thought you were happy with the previously expressed choice. Posted by: Lotus at November 17, 2006 PM LOL - is anyone else thinking of John Brown & Jan Murray? Dyson is up there with Phillippe Starck when it comes to design, well in my opinion. jimmy, would love to apply for a position in your cabinet. ) I should warn you though, after a week of doing nothing but sleeping in, reading trashy novels, sunbathing and drinking from morning to midnight, my brain may have turned to mush. However, I would like to appoint you to be the cultural attache to Victoria. Jim & Sim's Tonic Gin, tonic water & lime garnish - something smooth and classic for our friends SIMPSON and Jim Bob Horny Bull Tequila & orange juice - could apply to half the male bloggers Amazon's Came 'n' craze Amaretto, lime juice, triple sec & lime garnish - Amazon aka blonde goddess, you go girl Paradise Apricot brandy, orange juice & Plymouth gin - aka melissakp, Matt Gitteau and 6 hours alone Sex on the Beach Vodka, peach schnapps, crme de cassis, orange juice, cranberry juice, orange and cherry garnish - Ajna enjoy your holiday Sneaky Pete Kahlua, whiskey & milk - Flor's favourite Touch-me-down Tea Vodka, tequila, rum, gin, triple sec, lemon-line Gatorade, cola & orange juice - in case rabbit not available Echo Plain Milk - young man, you need to line your stomach before you drink, especially with the weekend coming on Yaka Hula Hickey Dula Dark rum, vermouth & pineapple juice - never been a fan of hickey's myself but the drink's not bad Unshackled Ice Tea Triple sec, gin, vodka, tequila, sour mix, cola & lemon wedge garnish - something to open the legs and challenge the brain - great with a spoon Miss MA's Mad Gal Rita Tequila, triple sec, dash of lime juice, sour mix, lime wedge garnish & salt to rim of glass (optional) - Miss MA good luck with the raffle tickets, they'd be mad not to enter given the prizes MATTRIM I know that you say you can control your perving, your roving eye, well here in Darwin at the moment it is so hot and sweaty.

He's a product of the British public school system and I know they all buggerise each other at boarding school but do they every grow out of it? t stop finding a reason to sabotage my relationships. - though he appears to have resigned before he even starts :( Ministers for Community Services: Lotus Press Secretary: Sam Brett Lotus, Count me in. Apparently it is the end of the world if you hair doesn't look right.. I hope its temporary or I may have to cross you off my list! Maybe it is because the obvious reason for the date is a "relationship". That isn't to say that they didn't have some bad dates along the way. at November 17, 2006 AM Posted by: Dragonfly at November 17, 2006 AM Haha, you know me too well! Have sketchy plans with an unreliable friend so I might be able to make it.. Man OMan- not if you suffered through an english public school education apparently... I wanted to ask him "how would you like it if I did it to you" but I feared his response wouuld be a resounding YES PLEASE!!! a friend of mine said on the second time she was with a guy she went to go to the loo and he said she didn't need to go to the bathroom!!! Lodigo, in the execution of your duties you will be required to spend much of your time plugging our fine state in every swim up bar in Far North Queensland. Posted by: Lotus at November 17, 2006 AM Lotus, are you getting back to that debate on favourite positions again? at November 17, 2006 PM Posted by: mattrim at November 17, 2006 PM Sorry to gate crash your little thing but you are talking about a topic very dear to my heart. James Dyson is a design legend and did you know the idea for the vacuum came from a problem he had with painting ball-barrows (did you have those here). As they say, what's the point of train timetable, it's not like the train drivers ever read them.

Nick R, I have now got movies with giant evil bunnies in my brain - very Anya from "Buffy"......... Moneypenny - please feel free to be the Minister for Matching Hangbags and Shoes. But what happens in the Minister's office stays in the Minister's office!! well not quite polka dots but kind of like polka dots... And it's not really the money, but I do run a business and I can't afford to do work for free as much as I'd like to, but geez! Given some of the comments from mattrim, Lotus, Miss MA, Moneypenny and others there's going to be a lot of kinkiness on the loose at the Blogbar tonight. This caused my mind to wander and think of those girls out there without rabbits. I think we need to establish a Rabbit Charity to help them out.

This isn't a full-time position, more an advisory role. J9, I was going to say that I was the Keeler to his Profumo ... It'd be great to have a thanksgiving toast with you! I hate friends who make stupid decisions over and over and over again which screw up their lives, then complain to you about how crap things are for them. Posted by: earth angel at November 17, 2006 PM Earth Angel, I may be totally wrong here, but if my fading memory is correct, you are in North Sydney? My partner of 7 years recently went to a strip club and had a lap dance... Girls who have recently lost their boyfriends or husbands and have unmet needs would be able to obtain a Rabbit from our "Rabbit Library".