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She is married to singer and actor Priyankara Perera son of famous singer Milton Perera. Sinhala film industry slumped in the face of stiff competition from Bollywood and resurgence of Tele Drama industry.Dilhani is one of the few who contributed immensely towards keeping Sinhala cinema afloat. Her ability to dance and her trade mark smile captivated the audiences.Easy navigation and categorized content will help you to not get lost in the endless video and picture posts.All pictures and videos are convenietly tagged, so you can go directly to where you wish.Gayesha's 24th Birthday party was celebrated in a grand way last week at JAIC Colombo Residencies.A number of artists and a number of politicians were invited and attended the grand birthday party.She is known as "SRI DEVI" of sri lanka, (Sri devi is a popular south Indian actress famed for her dancing).Her carrier hit a different trail with her role as an abandoned Tamil girl in the film "Me Mage Sandai" (This is my moon) by Ashoka Handagama.

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