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Some Buddhists strongly oppose meat-eating on the basis of implicit scriptural injunctions against flesh-eating, issuing from the Buddha himself.), the Buddha describes his family as being wealthy enough to provide non-vegetarian meals even to the servants.

After becoming the Buddha, he accepted any food offered with respect as alms, including meat, which in India was very unlikely to be offered to a spiritual seeker.

They are killed for the purchaser/consumer, and that is not determined until one buys or consumes the slaughtered and butchered flesh. I come by and I buy them." For whom are animals killed the next day, for certainly the butcher would stop killing if no one bought the flesh?

But many lay Buddhists, particularly in the Theravada tradition, argue: "Those animals are not killed for anyone. When one person hires another person to kill someone (an animal in this case), two are guilty of one murder -- and the one who hired the other is more guilty than the killer., the Buddha declares that the meat trade (ranching, butchering, dealing in meat) is a wrong means of livelihood: "Monks, lay followers should not engage in five types of business: (1) trade in weapons, (2) trade in human beings, (3) trade in meat, (4) trade in intoxicants, or (5) trade in poisons [such as pesticides].

Also it is not permissible for a Buddhist monastic to pick out the non-meat portions of a meal and leave the rest; the whole meat-tainted meal must be rejected.

Life is destroyed when farmers plough the ground or when food or, during cooking, when insects are caught in the fire.

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