Christian college students and dating

And if you don’t end up marrying the person you are with, you are dating someone else’s husband or wife.

Having sex with them is not building into their future, it’s taking something from it. When students hear this, it usually gives them something to think about.

Which may mean that kids need other adults beside their parents to speak the truth about sex into their lives. First, because I’m at a Christian college, I will address the “” girl, I feel I can speak to their plight.

Desire for marriage should never be placed over the rightness of a relationship.

Some even make the decision- from here on out- to wait.

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Who wants to be “that guy” displaying this “embarrassment” for all to see? But still) The truth is, having sex feels like a right of passage.

You can rest assured it’s even scarier for when (or if) you do.

But strangely, I have no problem talking about it with other people’s kids.

And even though I am now older than some of their parents, (insert scary emoji here) surprisingly, they always receive this message with hungry ears.

In my experience, I’ve found that students long to hear about love, sex and dating.