Cliche dating profile long walks on the beach

Be strategic about picking a username: In this situation, sex doesn’t sell. Hoehn suggests puns and clever wordplay (Last Man Camping for an outdoorsman, for example); pop culture references (Not Bradley Cooper or No Sleep Since Brooklyn); or just something silly and absurd (Birds With Shoes). As comfortable in old jeans as you are in heels and a dress? Do you like cuddling by a crackling fire and long walks on the beach? Focus on you: Everything you say in your profile should be about you. Tell the world why rather than explaining what Buddhism is about. How are your conservative values reflected in the way you live? You want it to sound like you’re chatting over coffee, not presenting your resume. People probably won’t read a long profile, and you’ll come across as self-absorbed and like you might be the dreaded first-date blowhard.Instead of just labeling yourself as an introvert, talk about what that means to you, specifically. Be conversational and concise: Try reading your profile aloud. Be positive and confident, not hangdog or cocky: Talk about what you do like, not what you don’t. The problem with cliches is that if you have heard them hundreds of time, you begin to doubt as to whether they are true.1 Sound Boring You seem to like the same things as all other humans, like laughing and staying indoors yet also going out, thus making you very generic and devoid of personality.Of course, there’s plenty more in the book—including before-and-after profiles that Hoehn made over.To be sure (and Hoehn emphasizes this), the book is not magic: You’ll still have to spend time revising and tweaking your profile. Should you get dressed up for a fancy night at a trendy restaurant or grab a slice at the local pizzeria?

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You have a degree of control over interactions; email is an opportunity to dip a toe into a new connection without being trapped with a blowhard at Starbucks.

Make sure all your photos aren’t catching you in the same pose with the same “having my photo taken” smile.

Change up your outfits (she particularly warns men of this); mix up the activities you show yourself doing, so it doesn’t look like you have limited interests; make eye contact with the viewer in at least a couple of photos (and sunglasses in only one photo, if any); smile; use your pets if you have ‘em.

2: Sound Lazy No effort put in to your profile 3: Make You Seem Predictable Not very exciting to meet people who say such tired and old things, is it?

1: Be specific Talk about your interests in detail, instead of stating that you like going to the gym – talk about training for a marathon or bike riding through crazy traffic everyday on your way to work.