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That marriage and parenthood could do this to people is a scandal.Another said, "I can quite understand how fathers walk away.I heard your comments this morning about non-custodial fathers.I was interested to hear that there are fathers out there in the same boat as me.Voices would be raised, forums convened, radical solutions pushed. Yesterday, high- profile American feminist and author Naomi Wolf was in Melbourne to give the motherhood cause a kick along at a forum with Sex Discrimination Commissioner Pru Goward.As the hype around Wolf shows, motherhood and its woes are fashionable.Not because they are bad fathers, but just because the pain is too great." Another said to me "I’m a female and I agree that the laws need to be changed in all regards to family law.

For all the progress, in other ways society has changed inexorably for the worse. You won’t believe this, but in light of the editorial I did on Channel Nine, which I repeated on Radio 2GB, I have been inundated with letters on this issue. You want a fairer system where Dads are included in their children’s lives.

A detailed study last year by Robert Bauserman in the American Journal of Family Psychology found children in joint custody enjoy higher self-esteem, better family relationships and higher school performance than those in sole custody (usually maternal). Of the 13,194 orders made by the Family Court in 2000-01, there were only 329 shared parenting orders.

Opponents point to domestic violence as reason enough why shared parenting is not an option.

The Australian, 2003-05-07, by Janet Albrechtsen In the photograph, the father is holding a tiny baby, a few weeks old, maybe less. In Australia upwards of 1 million children live separate from their fathers.

That photo of my father is on my fridge as a daily reminder of his love. So often the deep bond between father and child goes unnoticed. How else do you explain a society where fatherlessness is so common?