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When you attend college, there’s a higher chance you will “mate” a fellow graduate.In the past, it was common for doctors to marry their nurses or executives to marry their secretaries. Although husbands still tend to make more than their wives, the marital pay gap in heterosexual couples has shrunk significantly.A slide-bar allows users to choose “selective” or “highly selective” schools for potential matches.Not much room for community college or technical school there.AJC intern Allison Gordon wrote an interesting essay today on dating apps, which are increasingly the domain of young adults.A friend recently told me her three kids — all college students at private universities — met their significant others through dating apps.

Users are encouraged to submit high-quality photos to increase their odds of getting in.

Thanks to the League, well-educated bliss is only a swipe away.

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Their children also hit the ground running on the social mobility ladder.

When both parents are college graduates, they are more likely to read to their kids and advocate for them in schools.