Competitive accommodating compromising collaborating and avoidance gay online dating site professional

State how your cousin has faults like everyone else, but is still a good person (try to find a middle-ground) D.Go along with what your aunt is saying, even though you don’t agree E.Those with this style can take self-expression to the extreme, always stating an opinion and/or taking a side.

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Try to find an option that would allow you to each get some of what you want D.

Suggest a course of action that is a middle-ground for everyone D.

Refrain from speaking up in order to let others have a say since you are happy to go along with whatever is decided E.

Try to bring all concerns out into the open so the issue can be resolved 3. Avoid openly discussing your differing opinions with your boss and colleagues B.

You are in a critical meeting at work where major decisions are being made that will affect your direct role in the company and job duties. Use your position and experience to influence a decision in your favor C.