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One thing is certain: you should make sure everyone knows what your standards are, regardless of whether you date or not. Then, if you decide to date, people will be less likely to whisper. Sometimes it seems that there aren’t a lot of guys who are asking girls on dates or that only certain girls are getting asked out.

Whatever you do, don’t ever let these thoughts affect your feelings of self-worth.

Just put their Facebook url in your preferences to automatically "like" them, even if they haven't yet signed up for LDSMatch Up.

If they happen to like you back, you've got your chance!

Yet for some reason you’re numbered among the many in this age group who don’t date. Well, the reasons can be broken down into two basic categories: “I just don’t want to date” and “I would like to date, but there are obstacles.” Let’s look at both of these groups.

Know somebody only through Facebook that you've been crushing on forever but never had the chance to introduce yourself?More common is the feeling of many LDS teens that the only people they can ask on dates are the few other LDS teens in their area, because the non-LDS teens might misunderstand your intentions (see obstacles #2 and #3 on the next page) and it would take a lot of awkward explanation and coaching to get them to understand and accept the way LDS teens are counseled to date.If you are in this situation, you could deal with it in one of two ways: (1) make the effort to plan some group dates with good people you know, taking care to ensure that everyone’s expectations are the same, or (2) don’t date but still seek out friendships and wholesome fun with a variety of people.As you counsel with your parents, leaders, and your Heavenly Father, you’ll be guided to make good decisions.In many places throughout the world, when youth walk down the halls of their schools, they see quite a few of their classmates hugging, kissing, and so on. But for LDS teens, it also makes dating awkward because this kind of behavior is often what’s expected of “dating couples.” So, for instance, if you were to tell people that you went on a date with so-and-so, they may assume that you and so-and-so had started a physical relationship. The best thing is to let your standards be known so that nobody gets the wrong impression about you or the person you go out with.