Computer not updating daylight savings time

If you have a clock like this that fails due to the new rules, your only recourse is to adjust the clock manually, or to contact the manufacturer and ask for an upgrade or a replacement.We've just had a daylight saving change over here in NZ and some of my servers haven't changed over. I tried changing the other machines manually but after a few minutes the time jumped back 1 hour. I read somewhere that the other machines in the domain sync to the PDC. Windows Server 2003 doesn't seem to log anything about when the time on the server has changed.I've syncronised the PDC with an NTP server which is working. but unfortunately doesn't state which countries are affected.It could well be that there have been subsequent updates for 20, which I didn't find.

We advance our clocks ahead one hour at the beginning of DST, and move them back one hour ("spring forward, fall back") when we return to standard time (ST).

The only way to find out is to wait and see, or to contact the manufacturer of the clock.

There are a large number of non-radio controlled clocks, marketed under names like "AUTOSET" or "SMARTSET" that have internal firmware that automatically changes the time by one hour on the transition days to and from DST.

Therefore, if you use NTP, it is especially important to use an operating system that has been patched to conform to the new DST rules.

The NIST time codes sent using the Daytime Protocol of the ITS or sent by telephone using the /automated-computer-time-service-acts"Automated Computer Time Service (ACTS), do contain DST information and have been modified to conform to the current DST rules.

Computer not updating daylight savings time