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“Stone cold broke in the middle of the winter/Oh, like a poor man’s son,” he sings a cappella, buoyed by his sister Abby’s gentle harmony.Meant to anchor the issuing songs, it’s a simple melody that by its end has transformed into a medley of the traditional folk hymn, “Down in the River to Pray.” These days, it’s the song that begins most of his live shows, as it was recently when he opened for Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.For me, I had the opportunity to play music in the church, I learned how to work the crowd.It’s definitely affected the way I write and perform.” A cursory listen to “Poor Man’s Son,” the opening track from Gundersen’s full-length debut, , is a good example of his arresting command of both voice and style.He could boast of his partnership with the esteemed Nashville-based indie folk label Dulatone, song syncs on shows like , various producer credits, a model girlfriend, and industry friends like Carrabba and David Bazan.

This year, the area is located in the alluring shadows of the Green Man, awakening the lively spirit of the Black Mountains with a rambunctious roster of legend-themed performance.

Gundersen can relate to those albums, and, like Dylan, found that religion wasn’t going to stick.

Nonetheless, it became something that has informed much of his songwriting and performance.

Details like “dreadlocks” and facts about his “religious, homeschooled” upbringing peppered the scant press he did receive during those early years.

These days, Gundersen is an accomplished, hard-working music professional.