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It's you and the other person (so no group calls), and if all you want to do is catch up with a pal or loved one, Face Time is a pretty ideal way to do so on your i Phone or Mac.

The Good: Skype is the elder statesman of Vo IP calling, whether it's audio or video, and the Microsoft-owned service has some strong qualities that other services can't match.

However, if your digital life revolves around your smartphone, Duo bests Face Time in a massive way by being available on both i OS and Android.

It's tied to your phone number, so as long as the other person has the app, you can get face to face with a couple taps.

In that sense, Duo is very much like Face Time with its simplicity and focus, allowing just two-person chats via an ultra-minimal interface.

In this case, however, Duo is currently only compatible with mobile devices, so there's no PC or Mac element.

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Messenger has more going on than Duo or Face Time, since it has text chat and is directly linked into the core Facebook app, but the video calling interface is very similarly straightforward and easy to understand.That means no Web M videos in Safari, no Web M videos in Chrome (which uses the same Web Kit-based rendering engine on i OS), no Web M videos in any third-party browser or any app integrating a web view.But don't woe over Web M just yet: There's a third-party app to save you from your troubles.Google's Web M video file format has become nichely popular in the years since its debut.As a royalty-free alternative to H.264 standard, it's used for high-quality-but-low-bandwidth videos on sites like You Tube, Reddit, 4chan, and the like.