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I tell her to wait at her desk while I think about it. She has seen me only in photographs, so when I arrive at her cubicle it is a split second before her jaw drops in recognition. It is the first time we have ever touched each other after months of dreaming, and we hold onto each other for a full minute, maybe two, as we look into each other's eyes. "I will wear it with obedience, love, pride, and devotion." I put a hand under her chin and raise her face so I can look once more into her eyes. "You're a very good girl and you have earned this collar. She's done this for me before, many times, but until now I have only imagined it. Now and then a man stops by the bench and says something. According to the rules of our game, she must send the first two away. Then she takes his hand and leads him deeper into the park, behind some bushes. It's a large room decorated with old paintings in gilt frames.

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Girls just watch them please themselves or tease them by mean words. Many other kinds of sex-related clubs came and went.

I have her put the purse on the floor, open, where anyone could look in and see her discarded lingerie. "Yes, Miss." I take the end of the lead and walk her slowly away. It's delicious but neither of us is really tasting it. I pause as the waiter clears away our lunch plates, then ask, "Are you wet, sweet girl? " "Right here." Elisha's smile confirms that she hoped I would ask her to do this.

What Elisha doesn't know is that my business trip has finally materialized and I have been messaging her from a cafe a couple blocks down the street. We reach the doors and I smile as Elisha's colleagues approach the exit and veer away when they catch a glimpse of us. She doesn't bother to glance around to see who's looking before slipping her fingers into her skirt under the tablecloth.

Anyone who gets close to her today will smell her sex, like an animal in heat. To his credit, he doesn't glance twice at Elisha's exposed breasts. Elisha blushes and gives me a detailed account of their encounter in the bushes. "It's thrilling and scary and better than I imagined it would be. I reach over and lift her fingers to her neck so she can feel the collar there.

Elisha returns to work, her bra and panties tucked obediently into her purse. I'll reward his discretion when I calculate the tip. I have her tell me how it feels to be led through the street on a leash, exposed. I am terrified to do it another second and I never want it to end." I listen as we eat lunch. It will be a miracle if the back of my skirt is dry when we walk back to the office." "This place is known for its desserts, isn't it? "I've heard about them my whole life." "We should definitely order dessert then," I say, "but not until after you cum for me." "Right here, Miss? I see a blush start in her chest, between her breasts, where her shirt is still gaping open. She's quiet except for her quick shallow breathing.