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"Not only are you being cuckolded, but you are being being cuckolded by a black man." It is a shorthand way to call a white man a wimp and a race traitor at the same time.I can honestly and forthrightly state that I am not a "cuck." You have to actually have a wife/girlfriend for that...." Obviously, less racism would be a good thing, but how do you go about arranging that? And, in the shorter term, how do we get the power away from this administration and its cronies and enablers?If I have any reluctance to accept the thesis, it's really because I have trouble accepting explanation of this election.IIRC, it's when no group has more than P percent of the specific population, but has the largest percent compared to the other groups.

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My only real complaint is that it leaves me as stumped as ever in terms of "what do we do about it?

That the slur cuck casts white men as victims aligns with the dicta of whiteness...

Not in the tweets I saw he didn't - he was outraged that Trump had even suggested that his side might have something to do with it! (eta again) Yes, quibbles aside, the rest of it seems excellent...

Resnick, a former compatriot of Nicole Simpson, earned that moniker for the unforgivable mistake of posing for Playboy before humping the ghost of her dead friend.

(Resnick has since made a sort of career out of appearing on reality TV: In addition to being a frequent guest on , ultimately wrote a book claiming OJ was spurred on by an affair Nicole was having with his best friend, former running back Marcus Allen.