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It can't break through disabled IMs nor can it scroll.

All it could take is access the same restricted keywords that an OH account can.

This was a great account for punting people (since you could IM people who had their IMs off). He's a nice guy (or guys since it seemed TOSadvistor was on 24/7), unless of course he came into a chat room because you're stirring up trouble (More on this later). Community Leader Account - This is one of the shittiest special accounts you could find.

AOL decided to move most of their volunteer accounts (except for Guides) to this account type.

However if accessed from a overhead or internal account the keyword will work.

Once accessed from a special account, its token can be lifted so that it can be accessed from a regular account.

CRIS looked like it would impossible to break into at first, but AOL didn't take into account the stupidity of their employees....

Once they left and re-entered the chat room the gag no longer applied.It's good for lifting tokens, and fairly common so it's easy to hijack. Guide (Overhead) account - This is special OH account used by Guides.I'm sure you former AOL users remember these assholes trolling the chatrooms.Once the timed gag is applied the chatter will be gagged for X minutes (set by the guide) and there is no way to chat until the time limit was up. Rainman - These accounts could publish and modify keywords. For some reason a lot of lamers thought that could do more. Internal - Internal accounts are given to employees and are a lot of fun to use.They can do everything an OH can do plus access ALL restricted keywords.