Cydia weather icon not updating

As I used Pangu (for i OS7.1.x) and haven't had any problems. Find them two units you've just ticked (at the bottom of your list) and change the values for both of them to "FALSE". Can't find this patch :( they nixxed the old grindr and forced everyone to move to the new one - the grindr xtra patch in flex3 doesn't work - and the one for online only/no banners doesn't let you toggle between online only.. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I missed the window and didn't get to update my i Phone to the i OS 9 version that could be jailbroken.Unit for (BOOL) is Device Jailbroken - FALSE Once done, make sure the Grindr Flex patch is active and see if that stops any Jailbroken messages. Whilst I'm still on Pangu (i OS7) I won't be able to check it out for you until I upgrade my JB. I've left it a while, so they could iron out any bugs, etc.. i tried reverse-engineering but didn't really know what i was doing. I was forced to update to the new Grindr been useing flex 2 trying to make a patch no luck ! All credit goes to ANDORERAI, but I hope this has helped! So I'm stuck on i OS 8.4; which means I can't install Flex 3. The Grindr xtra features patch does work, but does no show more guys than the free version!The Field Test entries under categories on this page are: "Neighboring Cells" you can see how many cell towers or relays are visible to your i Phone while using GSM (2G).As for the frequency you are using, use the following guide to match your ARFCN (Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number): "Network Operating Mode", if it is NOM 001 then Voice has higher priority (Class A), while NOM 002 indicates Data has a higher priority than Voice (Class B). Note that this Field Test Mode was disabled in i OS 4.0, and re-enabled in i OS 4.2.1.Note that when you are in this mode, the signal strength bar on the top-left corner becomes a negative number.

tel://NUMBER will pop up a dialog asking if you wish to make a cellphone call to NUMBER using the baseband.

Hey Dale, Ther is only the isdevicejailbroken and I had already set it to false before your reply. if so, if you don't mind baring with me for a bit, I'll get around to backing up my phone and upgrading at some point during the week, then I'll be able to try and see if I can find a fix for you. App keeps shutting off **WORKING FOR VERSION 3.0.8** Hey guys. Can someone post the contents of the ANDOREAI Flex3 patch so I can try and port it into Flex 2? Merh Ok Ok Hey guys, Nobody got a new way to load more guys through Flex?

:'( Worked like a charm =3 Push notifications didn't work for me either. They worked just fine at the beggining and then didnt work anymore, anyone knows a solution for this? Please update the patch for grindr 2.2.2 version to get xtra for free thx :) ill be wait for the new update Hello Davin, I'm currently using Grindr v2.2.2 (released 26th March 2015) with the settings mentioned in the post and everything - except push notifications - seems to still be working fine. I wonder if it's my iphone or grindr's servers Hey Paul, Now that you mention it, I have had a random day or two where push notifications would work, then a majority of the days they don't work. As of the 3.x version of Grindr, the old Flex hacks are no longer working, and A LOT of things got either removed, or moved to unknown locations.

so best of luck if anyone can get something else for XTRA works.

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