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In summary, the last season of the show fulfilled my time as an audience member. The fans of GILMORE GIRLS deserve to know when the end is here so that they can have closure with these characters that they have lived with for so long. Then after the game, call my brother back and chat about the moments we enjoyed.

Whenever the last season is for GILMORE GIRLS, I hope the writers and producers know in the appropriate time so as to give the fans time to gain closure with the show that they love. I am always quite depressed when each World Cup ends.

I have yet to hear about the direction for Logans storylines in the upcoming season.

My hope is that the audience will get to see Logan take on his adult responsibilities and thrive in the business world.

With that, I could see Rory and Logan becoming more mature in their support for each other.

A deeper friendship could develop as Rory grows closer to the end of her stay at Yale.

You make a couple of choices on what to eat, and then as you walk to your empty seat, a group who has been friends forever wave in your direction. Even though they will not be on set this upcoming season, their characters, their voice, their town, their vision, remain. If you think that you or the other actor is screwing up, then your missing opportunities for honest moments in a scene. We usually dont hear about storylines until very close to the filming of that particular episode.You know you have to eat, but you dont know if you can pull off the small tasks of picking out the cool chips or fun drinks. You have a moment where you will be forever grateful for their kindness. You settle into your chair, take your first bite, and find yourself looking around at all that is still left unknown.But, you have to eat, and you also know that you better pick out that slice of pizza with confidence because all eyes are testing you. Grateful a few kind people took the time to let you into their group. Once that foundation is built, it remains always until the show is no longer on the air. Find out about his past relationships, dating history with Alexis Bledel and everything you would want to know about him. In an interview with the Vulture in 2011, Matt confirmed that he wasn’t really seeing anyone and wasn’t in a relationship back then.But I suppose, Matt is really good at keeping things inside the box. Their chemistry on the screen is really good, and they help each other a lot. But what he did say was that, Alexis is a really hard working girl and they both try their best to make the scenes best they possibly can and do their job to the best ability for the show.