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By the time that happened, the Irish economy was already deep in recession.

How does society balance the rights of old women to sleep safely in their beds and the rights of hardcore career criminals? It is actually well wide of the mark, according to the taxman.

Is it fair that an innocent person's life is ended violently because another person, who has already committed dozens of violent crimes, has been given yet another chance? A recent study by the Revenue Commissioners showed that almost four out of five people who were the lowest earners in 2005 had moved off the bottom rung of the ladder a decade later.

That is as true in personal life as it is in business, and many other fields besides. I didn't expect a huge change - Italy and Spain are both big southern European countries with Latin cultures and languages.During his time at the helm in Frankfurt, two Eurozone countries - Cyprus and Greece - have had their entire banking systems shuttered for weeks as a result of disputes with the institution he leads.The construction sector is booming and demand for new property is being met."You bloody economists are all saying that the economy is powering ahead, but people aren't feeling it," he harrumphed.Ireland's entrepreneurial roots are short and shallow.