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So, men reported having poorer memories, but it's based on their own self-reporting. A Super-Cute Anniversary Tradition to Copy From Ellen De Generes and Portia de Rossi.Ahem, so maybe they only claim to remember the things they want to remember? Do You Celebrate the Anniversary of Your First Date?Of course though, Person X can easily be replaced whilst the dream will remain the same.

Forgets I'm there on a date when something or someone else distracts him. He's a really nice man and tries very hard but communication is difficult and my patience does run out from time to time. We are now both 59 yrs old and I am his first 'girlfriend'. Hi again, I forgot to mention that my guy hates sports and especially football which he won't even watch. He fends off insults by laughing at them and can find fun in every situation, even when its not really. Seems tough on you in maintaining this relationship.WHICH IS A LOVELY THING TO BRING TO THE RELATIONSHIP. Owen[/quote]I am a dyspraxic man and these are the interesting, colourful and varied things you may encounter from the gentleman of your interest. PASSION AND EXCITEMENT THEN MAYBE ONE DAY IRRITABILITY AND DEPRESSION2) GETTING TIRED EASILY AND NEEDS HIS OWN TIME3) BEHAVIOUR THAT MAY APPEAR ODD OR NOT IN CONTEXTBUT THE REALLY GREAT THINGS (HE IS LIKELY TO BE/HAVE...) 1) GREAT CONVERSATIONALIST; YOU'LL SPEND NIGHTS TOGETHER THAT ARE "OUT OF THIS WORLD"2) SWEET AND VERY NURTURING... 3) ABLE TO GET A REALLY GOOD JOB AS WE TEND TO HAVE GREAT MEMORIES AND NEVER GIVE UP4) LOVE OF ART... My amazing and sometimes confusing ex man friend contacted me this week, as if nothing had happened. WHICH IS A LOVELY THING TO BRING TO THE RELATIONSHIP. We met to have 'the talk' but instead we fell in love all over again. When he doesn't want a serious relationship right now.He wants to play the field — you’re part of that playing field.