Dating a gang member

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After a few years, he has moved back to Central Islip but wears long-sleeved shirts to hide his MS-13 tattoos and looks different after losing weight. He also has a son to look after now and attends church regularly.

Nothing was off-limits to them.'They beat me for exactly 13 seconds, while one of the gang members kept time in the background, counting slowly.'Speedy said his family is from Guatemala and both of his parents died of cancer - his mom passed away when he was six and his dad when he was 14.

Both of his younger sisters were put in foster homes, while be bounced around between uncles and aunts.

Members are accused of major crimes including murder, kidnapping, prostitution, drug smuggling and human trafficking.

Major roundups of MS-13 members have taken place across the country since the early 2000s.