Dating a girl with a boyfriend

If you'll excuse us, we'll be bookmarking this video for the next time we're tempted to get back together with an ex we know isn't good for us.

If anything though, this video goes to show that the trials and tribulations of dating are so much easier to go through when you have a BFF to back you up.

Some of you are going to say that it's not about the titles, but well...

In literature, the term is discussed in July 1988 in Neil Bartlett's, Who Was That Man? On pages 108-110, Bartlett quotes from an issue of The Artist and Journal of Home Culture, which refers to Alectryon as "a boyfriend of Mars".

I can't believe I actually have to say this, but I've seen it happen.

Just deal with the fact that occasionally a plate of food might go uncatalogued.

But it's that middle part, the conducting of relationships under the gaze of social media, specifically Instagram, that routinely stirs up trouble.

The problem is that proper Instagram etiquette has a pretty broad definition depending on who you are talking to, so what is perfectly acceptable to one person can be fairly offensive to another.