Dating a sociopath part 1

Though the lies started right away, it wasn’t until much later that Sandra realized how badly she’d been conned.

Countless people say they’ve experienced something similar, sharing their stories in online forums — such as Psychopath, Aftermath: Surviving Psychopathy and Love

She couldn’t believe when he made it happen.“It felt like it naturally unfolded,” she says.

“I was like, ‘This is my soulmate.’ ”By the time he started to drift away just a few weeks later, Sandra was hooked.

For one study she expects to publish later this year, Forth and her graduate students posted a survey on and other forums.

They received 623 responses, 474 from the intimate partners of alleged psychopaths. About a third met online, one in five met at work and one in 10 met through friends or in a bar.