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We were going to start in Las Vegas and drive to Sun Valley, Idaho for a friend’s wedding. Yemen Em was like “Well where will you be on Saturday? So he flew to Vegas, and we got married in a cheesy chapel.One of the most fun parts of this weekend was that my grandpa lives in Vegas, and he thought he was coming to meet my fiance and me for dinner (at 5pm.Our group eventually ended up at Bourbon, one of my favorite bars, and Mr.Yemen Em told me how he moved to DC for Foreign Service Officer training with the State Department. Seriously, if you have 10 minutes, read this amazing story about the love between two mentally disabled people. And here is the most hilarious thing you’ll read this Valentine’s Day. But then she’ll take a trip somewhere, say Seattle, or even back to her Midwestern town and realize there are indeed a plethora of hot guys who don’t namedrop a first-term congressman from Delaware and act surprised when you don’t know who he is. One night I was out at a bar with a friend and she was like “Oh, my middle school boyfriend just moved to town and is coming out to meet us.” So in walks this cute guy and we just briefly chatted that night, but I soon left to go dancing with another friend.

The ceremony involved more mentions of “peaks and valleys” than was appropriate for a lady with such a big, fake rack.That was a happy night when we both said “I love you,” followed by a less happy night when he clarified that he didn’t want to do long distance and asked if I’d move to Yemen.I couldn’t believe he was asking me to move to a country I knew little about except for from that one Friend’s episode. There is this couple I know and they kiss each other every time the other says something adorable, funny, or remotely intelligible.) The story of Mr. And here it is: In late summer of 2010, I would say that I had mentally given up on dating in DC, as so many other Washington women have at some point. There are like a million smart, pretty, stylish, accomplished women in DC and like seven or eight counterparts in the male form.I darted out the door when Sleepy Sasquatch was in the bathroom and walked home with a familar feeling of defeat. Yemen Em and I were both hanging out in the same group and we all ended up walking around Adam’s Morgan, a neighborhood in DC with a busy strip of bars.