Dating antique typewriters

On the Torpedo/Imperial, that front lip also rises almost straight into a slightly flattened centre part of the collar, with no small flat area under the brand name decal).An additional clue comes in the serial number of the first Imperial four-bank portable, which starts with S-14, as in Modell 14. Good Companions start with the codes AWilf Beeching, in his Century of the Typewriter, would have us believe the first Imperial four-bank portable was a 1928 model called the Mead.He wanted to return to England because, according to his doctor, “his business affairs [the Imperial Typewriter Company] were not going as favourably as they would if he were present”, causing him much stress.At that time, Moya considered himself to be once more a typewriter inventor working for Imperial, albeit without a controlling interest in the company. and his father-in-law, wealthy Leicester bootmaker John Gordon Chattaway (1854-1936) founded the Imperial Typewriter Company on June 22, 1908.These can have the tendency to throw one off the Torpedo-Remington scent.

Further confusion has been caused by Imperial’s early association with Torpedo in Frankfurt, Germany.Remington & Sons, which that year had regained control of marketing the “Type Writer” from Fairbanks & Co.For health reasons, in early 1920 Moya moved with his family to Pasadena, California, but in May that year, just after the birth of Jack, and once again a year later, he suffered strokes which left him partially paralysed down one side.This basic downstrike machine was succeeded in 1915 by the Model B, with a changeable typebasket and keyboard and shift keys on both sides of the keyboard.There is an aluminium version of this, the Model C.