Dating before annulment

“When the Supreme Court recognized a constitutional right to same-sex marriage made clear that recognition of this new right would not end religious organizations’ ability to teach and practice the Christian view of human sexuality,” the filing says. Rather than recognizing defendants’ constitutional and statutory rights to practice their sincerely held religious beliefs, Billard asks the court to force defendants to employ persons who publicly oppose their message and mission.” Likewise, Robert Destro, a professor at the Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law, challenges the notion that same-sex marriages are protected under sexual discrimination laws.

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Bishop Peter Jugis said it would be a “scandal” for Charlotte’s Catholic churches and schools to continue employing anyone who marries a same-sex partner – or publicly announces plans to do so.The Charlotte case pits two competing claims – Billard’s charge of workplace discrimination vs.Jugis’ argument for religious freedom – and could help decide whether churches and religious schools can continue to fire gay employees for marrying their partners or even for publicly acknowledging a sexual relationship with them.But then Martin was publicly invited by Cardinal Blase Cupich – one of Pope Francis’ top appointees in the United States – to address his Chicago archdiocese.Martin, a Jesuit priest who was recently appointed a Vatican adviser by the pope, recommends several practical steps in his book.