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Technically, even items for personal use are banned, although personal religious artefacts have tended to be tolerated in recent years.All women are required to wear the abaya, a long and loose black robe while in Saudi Arabia, regardless of whether they are local, foreign, Muslim or non-Muslim.Generally speaking, you will need to make your own preparations.

Unsurprisingly, restaurants and eating establishments will not sell you food during this period, however some of the better hotels do quietly supply room service during the day.Foreign nationals who breach any of these laws may not get as harsh a sentence as a local would, but this does not rule out corporal punishment such as public floggings, multiple weeks in prison, deportation, or all of the above.keenly enforced by the Muttawa, a volunteer organisation for the religious police (yes, they really have religious police) previously known as the "Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice" and they take their position very seriously.To make matters slightly more complicated, prayer times change daily according to the season and your exact location.Daily prayer times are advertised in the newspaper and the Ministry of Islamic Affairs maintains a handy online prayer time service.