Dating couple gossiped about

Kandi Burruss said she had known Bob for a long time and that he was a 'cool and funny person' and she had been 'shocked.''Sometimes people have to see theirselves to be able to fix some things and I hope you are open so that you can keep communicating,' said Kandi.

Andy asked Sheree if she was 'open' to Bob.'I am open to continuing to build something with Bob - a friendship,' said Sheree but that they would not be in a romantic relationship again.'He is not where I need him to be, absolutely,' she said.

She then told Andy she still had a friendship with Shamea and apologized to her friend over how she had made her feel.

Kenya was not having any of that and told her that it was not about how she made Shamea feel 'it was about what you did.''Oh, b****, it ain't working right now,' shut the f*** up,' shouted Porsha across the set as Kenya told her she had the right to speak.

Andy told Kenya that she had interrupted Porsha's apology as Kenya insisted she would not 'shut the f** up.''I'd rather leave than do that,' said Kenya as she compared Porsha's look to Elvis.'You need to be part of everything, you need attention?

' Peter could be heard saying from the other side of the set.Sparks flew when host Andy Cohen, 48, asked Porsha why she had accused Kandi and Todd of trying 'to drug and take advantage' of her.'The situation you are talking about, I was told that just last year.I work for Dish Nation, I am in the world of journalism' she explained.Andy then asked Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas about their relationship since they divorced.Cynthia said they still texted each other while Peter admitted the Hawaii trip together had 'been weird.'Andy asked the group if they thought Peter and Cynthia had had sex on the trip, but Peter was having none of it.'If I can't have all of her then I want none of her,' he told Andy.