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The stamp in fact does tell you more than just the age, as many of them are signed with the initials of the painter. So don't be disappointed if there are no initials - it doesn't mean you've got a fake, but is in fact a pretty good indication that your figure was one of the first made.

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To view a selection of our current range of antique baths for sale, please click here Over the years, we've been featured in numerous magazines and worked with high-profile interior designers to recreate vintage bathrooms at stately homes, hotels and other historic buildings.Unlike some other suppliers, The Doulton Lady provides genuine 19th- and 20th-century figures whose appeal and beauty have stood the test of time.The value of a Royal Doulton figurine depends partly on its age, but on other factors too such as its condition and designer.The Minton Archive is the name given to the whole of this collection.The Minton part of the collection alone has been the focus of the initial stage of work and we have already been successful in making it accessible to you at Stoke-on-Trent City Archives.