Dating exclusivity gifts

But in reality, we often don’t know him long enough to be sure he’s “the one.”If he was chasing you for a commitment, would you be the slightest bit hesitant? You would seriously weigh your options and think hard about how the relationship would work long-term, right? It’s about you, and you have to stop giving him the power.

When you have a lot of self-worth, you don’t rush into things and you don’t make someone a priority when they make you an option.

But never fear: we've come up with some easy options for every stage in a fledgling relationship. The key to cultivating that friendly flirtation into something more is keeping it simple.

These funny Bad Behavior Postcards are inexpensive and lighthearted.

Figuring out what to get the guy you've just started dating (or the crush you want to date) is, for most of us, like walking on a tightrope.

One wrong move—a gift that says too much or too little—and the whole flame could easily go out.