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I’m so jealous of you and the places that you get to travel.” Well, I’ve made a trade haven’t I? I think when men meet me, it’s the idea that they like.

The idea of Twhat his type was, he smiled, teasingly, and accentedly said, “Flight Attendant.” And this bothers me. I want to be taken seriously, as in valued, respected, and adored, but I’m also not complaining about my job title.

I had needed advice from the perspective of guy-think, and I have to admit, what was shared, was fairly accurate, but while listening to ‘the truth’, the corners of my mouth did pull into a thin line, and at one moment, my brown eyes moistened. ” The talk was centered around my dating life or the absence of it. To dash any preconceived notions, I don’t have a boy in every city, country, or continent.I don’t have a good summary to throw at you, or wise words for a take-away, so I’ll just say this: I don’t have the answer to love, and I haven’t found the secret to balance.A girl just needs a good rant every once and awhile, followed by a nice nap.I must let go of the place which I left and the person that I left and be completely in the place that I am. It’s not a perfect plan and I don’t think it works very well. There is no middle ground with my flight attendant life.I’m living this to the extreme, not because it is required, but because of how I have chosen it.