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We try to help single Widows and widowers in the UK meet someone special.It's not easy to lose a loved one and you can never replace that person, but it can ease some of the pain when you can share your life again with a new friend.I am also a widow and I believe I could give encouragement and gain some also. Her and my grand kids were hit head on by a drunk driver about a 1 1/2 miles from the house. Her kidneys had shut down and had to have blood dialysis. I have had people quit writing and even blocking me because I don't want to go into detail about that night every time I turn around.We all need to know there are others who feel just like we do. Post Replay It has been a long hard road and never thought that I would become a widow at 52. But he was the strong one and although he was given just 3 months to live he was a trooper through the next year and lived that year to the fullest he could.Our site is only open to Widows and Widowers living in the UK, so join free today.We are the largest Widow dating sites in the UK, all our members are widows or widowers all looking to meet someone special again.Join free today and and with our help you can find that right person.I just read your book “Why He Disappeared” and really appreciated the great info.

It was 8 years before our family found out my oldest granddaughter (9 at that time) had been abused by my husband for years. It did break the the entire family away from the dad/father figure. I know the intense feelings of never being able to see the love of your life again, and I know the intense feelings of being ripped from your marriage when your partner is still living.

My prayer now is to be the woman God wants me to be and to use my experiences in whatever way I can to further His kigdom.

If it's just to make me more empathetic, so be it.

God Bless, Sandy Post Replay I wish I had fond this a year and a half ago. The grief is so different from when losing a mother, father, etc. He called the disease his "miracle disease" because it made him closer to his Lord.

I can say I'm proud to have witnessed such a touching transition to the other side and to have been a wife to a strong man of God.