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At 36 years old, I was living in Antigua, Guatemala with all of my worldly possessions fitted neatly into one large backpack.Having left Canada for good to travel the world as a yoga teacher; I was over kids.My initial reaction was the same as anyone from the west who is not in the “perfect” situation (I have since realized this phantom perfection does not exist), my first thought was, “abortion”.

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Maybe some place to bring men AND women together who want to fight against this on a community level?I was also suffering from antepartum depression and chalked a lot of my “crazy feelings” (later I learned these are actually instincts and you should trust them always) up to hormones. We had both been told the risks of sleeping with people outside of our partnership by our midwife and by a doctor.Because our relationship was more of a “partners in the struggle” type or even a close friendship, I told him that if he ever wanted to be with someone else, he would just have to tell me before sleeping with them, because of the baby. One of the rumors was coming from an American girl who was telling people around town that he gave her chlamydia, that I was an idiot and that they had been cheating behind my back. I cracked his Facebook account and what I found left me reeling.I have lived in Guatemala for almost 6 years and that I have ever talked to has been sexually grabbed or groped on the bus, or while walking down the street. This kind of unjust and unacceptable behavior affects women of ALL social classes, skin colors, backgrounds and ages.I once heard an indigenous women share how she grew up learning not would pat her butt in a sly, sexual way.