Dating game outtakes adventures in dating

Kevin gets by with a little help from his friends Winnie (Danica Mc Kellar) and the hyper-allergic Paul (Josh Saviano).

Premiering after the 1988 Super Bowl, The Wonder Years captured the hearts of audiences and critics alike with the trials and tribulations of young Kevin Arnold as he enters junior high.

Valentine’s Day Massacre," and the Emmy award–winning “Goodbye” - plus, over 2 hours of bonus features including exclusive interviews with Danica Mc Kellar and her sister Crystal Mc Kellar (Becky Slater).

Entering his last year at Kennedy Junior High, Kevin should have it all figured out, but things don’t go as smoothly as he had hoped - Winnie is going to school across town, he gets decked by Becky Slater (again!

Between Driver’s Ed drama, love triangles, a controversial English teacher, R-rated movie, and an unforgettable double date there’s plenty of excitement at Mc Kinley.

Meanwhile, the Arnolds throw an epic Christmas party and Wayne and Wart decide to join the Army.