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“The Discovery: Lewis & Clark Meet the Salish in the Bitter Root,” is a display that depicts the story of the historic encounter between the Salish Tribe and Meriwether Lewis and William Clark in the Bitterroot Valley, just before they crossed the Continental Divide in 1805.The exhibit is made up of murals, copies of pages from the Lewis and Clark Journals, Native American artifacts, the local flora and fauna and replicas of the equipment used on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Some of my favorite activities for kids are arts and crafts, outdoor play time (sports, biking, swimming, etc.). I have experience with pick-up and drop-off, meals, and can provide my own transportation.

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Hamilton is the quintessential Montana hometown, complete with rich history embodied in both its architecture and residents.Check out our page on Hamilton market trends to start exploring!If you're looking to buy a home in Hamilton, MT, you've come to the right place. I am an animal person and am completely comfortable working in a house with pets. I am always carrying around my ukulele and love letting kids learn how to play during my time babysitting them.