Dating how to find the one

We understand what we want in personality qualities, physical attraction, values, interests, etc.

This makes finding a partner tricky because each person has a certain score for his or herself to determine his or her own worth.

It’s become so common to see the people around us getting screwed over.

It’s practically impossible to trust someone these days.

When we meet someone, we tend to point out the negative aspects we see and focus on those. Adulthood tends to be delayed, and now there are more people going to college and grad school and moving back in with their parents.

Based on each individual’s subconscious criterion, the reasons vary from person to person on why it’s so hard to fall in love.

With this being said, for some people, it’s easy to walk out because they know they have other options.

After falling in love, you have to pick up the pieces from the heartbreak.

We become guarded because our feelings have been hurt in the past.

We'd rather not leap into things because we know very well how helpless and awful heartbreak can feel.