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Parquelandia: Here’s a funfair created in a traditional British style.Attractions here include bumper cars, a bouncy castle and a mini-golf course.This means you can get much closer and enjoy a better view of the animals than at most other zoos.The animals are also kept in enclosures that recreate their habitats in the wild, ensuring they feel more comfortable.With a welcoming nature and lively character, it is no surprise that this slice of paradise will make you want to stay.

Since the 17th-century, this former fishing village has been welcoming travelers and seafarers to its shores.

Fuengirola Overview Built-up resort: Costa del Sol holidays were some of the first to interest British tourists when Mediterranean holidays became popular over 40 years ago.

As a result, Fuengirola holidays have had plenty of time to adapt and grow from a small fishing village to the huge holiday resort it is today.

There are relaxing wave pools and Jacuzzis plus high speed attractions like the Kamikaze and Body Ski.

The planted trees and green shrubs make it a pleasant place to sunbathe on your holidays in Fuengirola too.