Dating in highschool

Ok well I want to start dating guys who live by me, but there are only a few gay guys (who are out at least) and Im not even friends with them (not that I dont like them, I just dont really know them) anyways is there like any good (without the freaky pedos & what not) sites were I could find local guys? so pretty much any 1st time gay dating advice you can give me would really be awesome haha!! Or you can dial 1-866-4-U-TREVOR and ask about the support network for Gay Teens in your area.

It would be a place to easily meet other gay guys your age.

1st off, im 17 and ending my junior year next week, woo senior year is so close!! I have a young gay friend who live in the Burbs of Chi-town. They have a toll-free gay-help-line, and also many groups and social activities for teen and young adult LGBT's.

haa anyways I have just started comming out to close friends and family within the past month. Im really nervous just thinking about it because, even though I really want to, It is going to be so new and strange for me.. You can probably Google for gay social clubs in chicago.

I was doing great until I ran out of stars.” In high school relationships, you could actually meet someone who is right for you.

High school relationships may not last forever, but they make a big impact on your adult relationships.

So to the developers, I would like to send out a big thank you!

I made two cheerleaders named Britney and Santana from Glee and made them date because I loved them so much from the show!

Not just that our created characters can have gay relationships but that Mia is bi/lesbian (I have her dating gamer girl at the moment).

I just wanted to say that I was really happy to find that the game allowed same-sex couples.

I mean, I know it doesn't seem like a very big gesture but it's little triumphs like this that make me hopeful that one day we will achieve equality for all.

As he pulled away, he whispered, “I love you” into my ear, only for my heart to hear. Teens crave the feelings of love, security, and contentedness.

Dating in high school teaches young people lessons such as: cooperation, socially-appropriate behavior, empathy, intimacy, sensitivity, and compromise. Many adults don’t think that teens know anything about love.