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In 1999, VTC management sold off a portion of the company, which included about half its employees, to Lucent Microelectronics, a unit that was soon renamed Agere.

(I believe some of those employees may still work in Agere offices in Mendota Heights, while others had relocated or commuted to the company’s headquarters in NJ.) After the partial sale to Lucent, VTC’s management, led by Larry Jodsaas, CEO, retained ownership of the building and “fab” at 2800 East Old Shakopee Road, and about half the employees remained there, most of them production related.

It was at that time the name of the firm was changed to Polar Semiconductor Inc.

So, the next time you’re cruising by the Mall of America on Killebrew Drive, continue on East where it turns into Old Shakopee Road and get a glimpse of a facility that has pumped out a whole hell of lot of chips in its day — and now promises much more to come.

The facility on Old Shakopee Road — yes, it’s across the street from one of the only farms remaining in the Twin Cities — was originally owned by Control Data Corp., and operated as its Microcircuits Division, building pre-amp chips for disk drives.

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“I have no reason to believe they won’t approve, but of course, can’t know for certain,” a representative of the planning division told TCB.

She said PSI plans to begin construction in early 2011, and once the “shell” of the addition is complete, it will likely finish the interior through additional construction phases. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan-based semiconductor manufacturer Sanken Electric Company, Ltd.

It has been continuing to add headcount to its operations since it acquired the facility in 2005, according to the City of Bloomington report.

Now, some background: As noted above, the name Polar Semiconductor is relatively new.