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First, they wanted it to be a bayonet, second a combat knife and third a utility knife.The Marine Corps used black-belt Instructor Trainers who staff the Martial Arts Center of Excellence as their testers. Brett, (USMC class of ’70) MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) Subject Matter Expert, Edged Weapons.There were many different knife manufacturers that made the knife for the Marines and some Navy personnel.

Anyway, around the end of the 20th century, a solicitation for a “USMC Improved Bayonet” was sent out.An evaluation report was made out by each instructor.In the end, Ontario Knife Company, Franklinville, New York, won the competition and was awarded the contract.They're the elite, deployed to situations that demand the best soldiers in the world.And they need to know that their equipment can handle anything they run into.