Dating mens ties

These colors will go with 99% of the outfits you’ll wear.

Just like with tie materials, any other colors will have specific use cases and are outside the scope of this series.

Apart from the somewhat phallic shape (if you stretch the imagination a little), a tie also forms a neat arrow - often in a bright colour that contrasts vividly with the typical dark suit / pale shirt combo - pointing directly at a man's genital area.

Quite apart from that, it's also the only item of male business attire that you can have any fun with at all.

You really only need ties in two materials to cover you for the whole year.

Once you’ve gotten those basic colors, then and only then can you start expanding to lighter shades or darker or brighter colors like burgundy, brown and other pastel or jewel tones.

Again, that’s once you get more comfortable and really understand how to add them to an outfit.

But if choosing tie colors is still tough for you, then those default colors go with pretty much everything and you’ll never have to worry about not looking sharp and put together.

First, stick with plain, solid colored ties in the colors I discussed in the previous section.