Dating my ex nephew

(5 were his and one from 1st marriage) Cecelia married Charles and they had one child before Charles drowned.

Cecelia then married Richard, whom she had 4 more children with before he was murdered by natives during the colonization of my country (NZ).

However, it doesn't help stereotypes that we happen to be from a southern state. It might be hard to believe, but the other stories about inter-family relationships on the Reddit thread are just as crazy.

I know all this because we’re having a family reunion next month and we’re making a short documentary on the family history. My ex-GF now shrieks my name every time Lil’ Taylor gets into trouble. Then my second oldest uncle, Jim, started dating Vicky. But my Uncle Ken got over it by dating Vicky’s younger sister Linda. But it’s still pretty funny that my brother uncles are married to my sister aunts, one of whom dated both of my uncles.

I dated a woman for a couple of months many years ago, then broke up with her. That is NOT how I wanted that break-up to go AT ALL. My mom is the youngest of 5, with 4 older brothers. So now my Uncle Ken is married to Linda, his ex girlfriend’s (Vicky) sister.

"My sister has been dating an ex of mine for the last two years, and the ex has plans to propose to her at the end of the year. Not only is it a funny story to tell people, I remained very close friends with the ex for years, and I've been friends with her since we were fairly young.

She was like a sister to me for years after we broke up, so it's a bit of an interesting progression that she is now very likely to be my sister-in-law.