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When you sit down inside a taxi, the camera is clearly visible. There is a camera system and a panic button now." Nearly every week, Turkey has trials for people suspected of being involved in the failed overthrow attempt.What is unclear is whether it records sound as well as images. One driver who spoke to VOA is happy with the device, although he says he does not know who is watching. Last year, some 4,000 people were tried for insulting the president.So only one third of registered voters actually went to vote in this rerun.So that will cause a great question and a great challenge for the legitimacy of President Uhuru Kenyatta.” On Tuesday, Odinga made his first public comments since Kenyatta was declared the winner.And he urged his supporters not to vote in the election. “I have just seen disaster in this country because you cannot tell anyone that the way forward, we have had elections, and so we have a president. Recognizing Uhuru as president, my president, no way…” Many people in the area where Kenyatta was born and in the Rift Valley area voted for the governing Jubilee party.

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“Odinga did boycott the election as well as most of his supporters.

“We’ve seen a very tough election cycle and I think what’s happened today is one more step in a process that won’t end today.

I think, while the Jubilee government would like to move on, you know, the NASA coalition has dug in and I think we’ll continue to see more and more of this discussion in the weeks ahead...” Kenyan business and religious leaders have called for calm.

Under emergency powers enacted after the overthrow attempt, Turkish officials have introduced new electronic surveillance.

That information comes from Yaman Akdeniz of Bilgi University in Istanbul.