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Although being elected by the public to enter the house, Lina found herself in the unlucky position to get nominated by Big Brother in week 2 and immediately getting the boot out of five nominated housemates.After 99 Days, Verónica Agnes Roso from Lørenskog was voted the winner over Espen Vesterdal Larsen and three others.Two showmances had huge impact on the show since both resulting couples (Annette and Rodney; Anne Mona and Ramsy) remained in the house until the last week.However it was Lars Joakim Ringom who gained the most popularity and was crowned the winner of the season in a close vote beating runner-up Anita E. Both housemates have been quite popular and have never been nominated.

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The main highlight of the show was the wedding between season 1 houseguests Ramsy and Mona which marked the first time worldwide that a couple would marry inside a Big Brother house.

Big Brother Norge - Tilbake I Huset (Back In The House) was a spin-off of the first season which was set 100 days after that seasons final and lasted 9 days running from November 17 to November 25, 2001.

Several season 1 housemates re-entered the house together with four new personalities: Annika, Christian, Claus and Leena, who competed to become a housemate on the shows next regular season.

Others: Stina Titterud, Rune Egedal, Morten Flågan, Henriette Kvalsund, Thor Hermansen, Therese Myrvang, Henrik Ovenberg, Ronny Furnes, Anita Walther, Pia Østby, Kim-William Kristoffersen, Julián Iversen, Agnethe Others: Verónika-Katrin Andreassen, Mónica Arthurson, Kristian Westgaard, Bjarne Mikael "Mikki" Mattson, Dennis Heffermehl, Maria Haugland, Johannes Frøyen, Jørn Remi Knutsen, Lise Marie Årnes, Güner Kaya, Line Brekke, Jan Arne Leding, Gro Anita Arntzen Big Brother Norge is the Norwegian version of reality TV show Big Brother that was aired from 2001 to 2003 on TV Norge for three moderately successful seasons.

A new season of the programme was launched in late August 2011 on TV2 Bliss.