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The other people don’t sit down, and she’ll bounce back to them if they start nodding when the person she’s currently on is shaking her head. It’s what’s known as cold reading in magic circles, as opposed to hot reading, in which the magician or medium has secretly obtained information about their target in advance.

And when she just can’t get a yes, she doesn’t let that stop her. (See: Peter Popoff.) If Caputo had any special powers — or if she were employing hot reading techniques — her information would be a lot more specific and clear, and she wouldn’t be wrong so often.

In case you haven’t seen the TLC show, the premise is simple: Caputo purportedly connects people with lost loved ones. I had absolutely zero interest in hearing from any dead people.

’ and she replies, ‘Um, actually it was another woman’s husband I lost.'” and… People say, ‘She’s going to hell because she curses like a sailor.’ That’s right, I like to curse. Caputo is genuinely funny, a bit self-deprecating, and charming in a way where you’d want to have her at your next dinner party. Meanwhile, staffers run around as she works the room, getting wireless mics into the hands of her subjects-of-the-moment.

” Of all of the shows that have taken place inside the Borgata’s Event Center over the last decade-plus, I’m pretty sure no performer has ever uttered those words.

But last Friday’s performance was not your average show, by any measure. With tickets priced from to 5, more than 2,000 people turned out to see the woman known as the Long Island Medium, whose TV show on TLC finished its ninth season earlier this year. I’m not the kind of person who goes to psychics or mediums.

As she strolls through the room, she says generally vague things that she’s getting from the beyond — an older man who has passed, a young man who died violently, someone who committed suicide, the number seven, etc.

— and waits for someone to nod their head or raise their hand affirming the connection.