Dating orgrimmar

The first stage focuses on dealing with the aftermath of the Sha contamination of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms caused by Garrosh's revival of the Heart of Y'Shaarj, and a confrontation with the last Sha prime that has manifested inside the Vault of Y'Shaarj, the .

Upon arriving at Bladefist Bay, the raid encounters the Dragonmaw Clan defending the harbor, along with their warlord, Zaela and her proto-drake, , a war machine crafted by the Blackfuse Company.Leaders of the Alliance and Horde lay siege to Hellscream's capital in order to topple the ruthless Warchief once and for all!After the discovery of the Vault of Y'Shaarj by the Kor'kron Guard, has decided to use the energy of Vale's pools in order to revive the dormant Heart of Y'Shaarj sealed within a Titan cache, and use it as his ultimate weapon and source of power.The brazen warchief has also turned against other members of the Horde to create a purely orcish force of his own.Now this "true Horde" is amassing strength within Orgrimmar's iron ramparts.